The Boulevard Club Is Committed To Supporting The Communities We Live And Work In


The Community Engagement Committee (the "Committee") is a committee appointed by the Board of Directors of the Club (the "Board"). The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board in respect of ensuring the Club fulfills its civic responsibility, through engagement with the Communities, with a specific focus on Parkdale and High Park. The Committee shall act in accordance with the strategic direction set by the Board.

The Boulevard Club has been a fixture in the Parkdale, Roncesvalles area since 1905. The Club interests extend far beyond a group of like-minded individuals focused on their own sport.  The Club embraces and is engaged in contributing to our community.  The Club is a responsible neighbour who is compassionate and empathetic to the causes that concern our communities. We make dedicated efforts to provide positive contributions to non-profit organizations in our communities.
Along with the support we offer to Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre - Meal Program, Parkdale Community Food Bank, St. Francis Food Table and to Queen Victoria Public School, we also offer assistance to:

The Boulevard Club is very proud to announce sponsorship of the Sorauren Park Soccer Team, 'The Boulevard Bears'. Go Bears! As we did for the 2019 Season, we will be sponsoring a team of 4-5 year olds for the 2020 Season! (on hold due to COVID-19)
For the 2017 Season, The Boulevard Club sponsored 8 year olds, which was a lot of fun!
For the 2018 Season, The Boulevard Club sponsored 5-8 year olds!  
For the 2019 Season. we continued  to sponsor 5-8 year olds!
2020 (on hold due to COVID-19)

'Thank you to all our 2017 & 2018 sponsors - Roofworks, Brock Door and Window, Contract Testing, The Grillway, Greening Homes, Blakes LLP, Tim Hortons, Cardinal Funeral Homes, The Boulevard Club, La Petite Ecole, Nutan Brown Royal LePage, Cobs Bread, Torys LLP. A two year sponsorship has made a world of difference in the costs associated with sponsorship transitions, and we appreciate your commitment. ' Toronto High Park T-Ball League

In March, 2017/2018/2019,  the Swim Team swam 52km in the pool for the Great Lake Ontario Swim and were always able to raise $2,000 to fund swimming lessons for children at our Adopt-a-School, Queen Victoria Public School.  It was a great day of swimming and hard work by everyone.

In May 2018/2019, Aquatics again swam the Great Lake Ontario Swim and raised enough funds to again offer 'Swim To Survive' to Queen Victoria Public School.  This will happen for all students in Grade 3 classes next Fall 2018.

Summer 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Many thanks to our Member Don McLeod for giving 8 kids the chance to join our Sailing Camp in the Summer.  Don and Mahogany Harbour have been supporting this initiative for a number of years.The kids come from our own community and this year they were brought forward through our connections - thanks to the Toronto Police, Div. 11 and Queen Victoria public school and Parkdale Community Food Bank.The children enjoyed Summer Sailing Camp.
We look forward to Summer 2020 as we will continue the programming to extend space to those children and teens in our Community. (Summer Boulevard Club for Camp adjusted due to COVID-19)

DOVERCOURT BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB were able to participate in Summer camp with 6 kids to joining us.  The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club aim to provide a safe and supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

In Spring 2019, through the fundraising efforts by Tennis, The Boulevard Club donated $6,000 to Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club.  The proceeds will be placed towards setting up an edible garden. 

Summer 2017, 2018, 2019.  Summer 2019, we were pleased to give another opportunity to 8 kids in the Parkdale community.  They have joined us on July 2017, 2018 and 2019 Sailing Camp!  We hope to make the same invitation for Summer 2021!

In December, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 our fabulous Boulevard Blazers, Dragon Boat team, had their Christmas lunch.  During the lunch they collected $480 to be given to an organization within the Boulevard community.  The Boulevard Blazers chose to give this collection to the St. Francis Food Table.  A cheque was given January, 2017.  After this, the Boulevard Blazers have given back to the Queen Victoria Public School.

November 2017, 2018 and 2019 - The Boulevard Club donated 10-12 large bags of toys for the Toronto Police, Div 11, Annual Toy Drive.

Thank you to our Members as we completely 'stuffed' a police SUV (twice!) with wonderful toys.  All the toys went to needy families in our Community.

The members of The Boulevard Club donated food supplies during our opening season for water activities with 'Sail Past'. A full box of food and a cheque was given directly to Parkdale Community Food Bank through our wonderful TO Police.

40 Roncevalles neighbours belong to this group.  They asked if we had any bicycles or sewing machines that Members may not be needing.  We put a call out.  Our wonderful Club Members donated over 20 bikes and 2 sewing machines and supplies.

Special thanks to Yvonne Smith who organized this and ensured delivery to CultureLink.

This Summer 2018, The Boulevard Club Members collected specific Teen books to be given to Parkdale Collegiate to assist the Library with their collection available for reading. The Club was able to donate 8 boxes to the school of gently (if not new) books.