Queen Victoria Public School Warm Clothing

Queen Victoria Public School have asked if we have any gently used children’s warm winter coats, mittens and scarves. We will be collecting these items at the SportsDesk and Main Reception until October 22. We will be delivering that week to the school.


Call for Reading Volunteers Queen Victoria Public School 

For our 3rd year! If you are willing to give 1-2 hours per week to read with the Grade 2/3 students in the school library, please contact Noni Bruyere. We will gather up the names, and schedule an information session. The volunteer reading program will start in November.  

Giving back to the Community

See how we're all making a difference!

This past summer, bags of gently used suitcase (and books) were donated to the Roncesvalles United Church to benefit the 'Not Just Tourist' cause and 5 bags of clothing and waterbottles were given to Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC)

Thank you to all the Members who participated!
For volunteer opportunities, please click here

Cell Phone Collection (Ongoing)

Helping Our Community Recycle Your Old Cell Phones!

The Club is collecting your old cell phones to assist Kingsway College School/ Toronto Zoo. Phones will be recycled and proceeds will go towards helping save the gorillas. 

Our Member, Glenn Martin, brought this project to our attention as his daughter’s school were trying to raise funds that would go towards saving the Gorillas. Did you know, we only have 3,000 Gorillas left in the world?! The proceeds from this project are going directly to the Gorillas at the Toronto Zoo. The Club collected over 30 cell phones, and Glenn’s daughter came into the Club to pick up. Thank you to all Members who participated, and a special ‘thank you’ to Taylor and Glenn.

We will continue to collect throughout the year at Sports Desk. 

The Club donated over 30 cell phones. Taylor Martin and her classmates collected a total of 257!

Not Just Tourists 
Howard Park United Church LUGGAGE collection (Ongoing)

Should you have any luggage that you are no longer using/needing, please consider donating to the Howard Park United Church directly. They are looking for suitcases that they will fill with medical supplies and have these taken for distribution to countries in need.

Please take any donations directly to the Church located at the corner of Roncesvalles and Wright Ave.