Humber Bay. A Vision For All

In our Community there is a vision.
This is a vision to see the safety of our shores, and creating opportunities for our residents to use the waterfront and land, recreationally. Within this vision is ensuring we address shoreline erosion, breakwater repair - and addressing environmental concerns.

WEBSA,  West End Beaches Association, are organizing a phased approach to increasing community engagement, providing environmental protection and ensuring access for an expanding population.

Key Areas of Interest
Water levels, flooding, shoreline erosion, property damage
Breakwater disrepair and replacement
Impact on water and land recreation programmes
Martin Goodman Trail extensions
Increased recreation opportunities - land and water
Integration with Ontario Place
Humber River deflector arm and beach improvement
Provision for small craft availability and docking

West End Beaches Association (WEBSA) 
WEBSA is a coalition formed in 2005 by the Argonaut Rowing Club, The Boulevard Club, Sunnyside Paddling Club, and Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club to work with government agencies and non-governmental organizations to address the interests of persons who regularly use Toronto’s western beaches waterfront and waterways. Its members represent a broad range of organized local waterfront users, including paddlers, rowers and sailors. WEBSA’s members have a long history of developing and delivering amateur and recreational water-based sport along Toronto’s western beaches waterfront.

Argonaut Rowing Club (1872),
Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club (1890), 
Boulevard Club (1905),
Sunnyside Paddling Club (1989)

For further information, please go to Humber Bay Vision