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Our History

Our History

Our History

A Community Landmark with Resilient Roots

From humble 1905 beginnings as the Parkdale Canoe Club to the multi-sport community hub of today, The Boulevard Club has quite a storied past, including four fires, the Great Depression, two World Wars, and a devasting ice storm. There have been good times and tough times, but Members have always triumphed in the pursuit of fun, fellowship, and sportsmanship.
We invite you to take a timeline tour through over 100 years of historical benchmarks and legendary stories that have been told, retold, and celebrated for generations.

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Take a Timeline Tour by Decade


1905 - Mrs Meyers Boathouse

The Boulevard Club, est. 1905. A group of young men in the west end got together for their shared enthusiasm for paddling. With 43 members in attendance, on August 11th 1905, the Parkdale Canoe Club was born. The Club would meet at one of the most popular destinations, Mrs. Meyers boathouse on the Humber River.

Old Boathouse Image

1909 - Clubhouse

The first clubhouse for the Parkdale Canoe Club was built in 1909. Paddling was the primary focus of the Club, but a wide assortment of other sports started to claim the attention of the ever-growing memberships, including softball, senior and junior hockey, lawn bowling, football, and more.

Old Clubhouse Image